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HI there fellow mid coast hs'er. Just thought I better say hello so I'd stop feeling like a peeping tom reading your blog entries (grin). I think we've met at the library, I have a 11 yr. old son, Jake and we live in Warren. So, just wanted to say I enjoy reading your entries, found you on the WTM site, which I read alot, while I'm at work not working. Hope your having a great winter. Thanks again



Hello! It's so nice to meet you (again!) Isnt' funny that you are around the corner from me and yet you found me thru WTM? Glad you came out of blurkdom to say hi! Keep in touch so you can let me know any neat homeschooly stuff going on in the area!
Thanks again for commenting!


Hi Maria, just found you in PW's comments! I presume that's your dh you're snuggling up to? That is some pink you've got yourself there!!


Okay, this is a round about way to have found you...I was in the processes of internet researching the East Coast, mainly Maine, for our family educational trip from Atlanta to your area. One of our points of interests, other than a long stay in the Boston for the Freedom Trail, is the Fairy Islands off of Maine referenced by Tracy and Barry Kane. Husband and I were in Boston last Spring...Happened upon a fairy store with the books...8 year old HS daughter LOVES fairies!...So a trip to Maine it is! In this research I stumbled upon a blog about the fairy houses and found your post...and apparently I was suppose to find you because my mouse pointer kept digging and like the posts before mine I felt like I was "creeping" if I didn't say hello! Any "Have To's!!!" that you can think of that we "Have To!" while we are there...please share! I enjoy your page! I said earlier that I believe that I was suppose to find your daughter (8 and 3rd? grade) has reading problems reason we homeschool. I am going to look into the possible issue with described my daughter when you described Ms D. I must go now but look forward to hearing back from you! We are also praying Hurricane Whatever takes a strong curve to the right for ya'll!!!! We grew up in Louisiana and don't like those guys at all!
Thanks for your e-site!

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