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April 30, 2009


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Ooh... since I really like Pandora I'm obligated to check out

Thanks for giving me a reason to put off the laundry :0)


Sounds dangerous. I love Pandora, so I'll avoid until I have some time to spare ...


Admitting my ignorance -- I've never heard of Pandora. I barely find time to blog and comment as it is, so I think it's best I stay in the dark about some of these things.


I'm determined not to Twitter (even if I understood it - which I don't), I've only ever heard of the Pandora who opened the box (and we all know what happened there) and though I love clicking on links I'm not going to click the one even though I do feel a little left out of the loop at times. Sometimes it's best just not to know and have some time left here to call my own!
By the way thanks for your kind message Maria. Hope you and Ms D are well. Bx


Yup, I've been there... err... am there. The Internet is such a wonder, and there are sooooooo many amazing things that can take time. It's hard not to get addicted to all of them!!!!

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