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February 22, 2009


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You are so sweet. :) A long time ago, when I just read blogs and didn't have one of my own, I didn't "get" how great it felt to get comments. They make blogging so much fun, don't they!


Once again de-lurking just to say HI. I rediscovered your blog once we 100% committed to homeschooling this next year and I was out hunting for ideas. Thanks for the link to Wild Oak -- I think I'll be perusing the archives there as well!


That little vid stopped both hubby AND I in our tracks (we were both trying to work). We watched it SEVERAL times--oh my childhood.


Thanks for all the lovely links, and thanks for the thanks :-)

Urban Mom

Awwww blushhhhh, always flattered to be thought of.

It's amazing all of the info out there that people will share. Very helpful, since I don't really know anyone else IRL who is homeschooling just now.

Sorry about the storm that came your way. I am SO. OVER. WINTER! Let's hear it for slush! It means that the snow is melting!

Champagne Fluffyduck

First of all I really liked the different highlighted blogs to peruse.....secondly, I never knew Australia had a Sheila-Equivalent of "Miss Nancy" from Romper Room.....and lastly, can a duck really be a "peeps"????


Of course a duck can be a peeps! And thanks for commenting! At last. You should do it more often. But be careful, as you'll find yourself referenced after this weekend!

Champagne Fluffyduck

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now I'm intrigued.....what does it mean to be "referenced"? Makes me sound like one of those large leather-bound tomes in the library?

Champagne Fluffyduck

Oh and thanks to you I had to onto YouTube and look up Romper Room so I could see our Miss Nancy....which only prompted Mr. Fluffyduck to look up the "Friendly Giant" series from childhood which then prompted me to look for "The Double Deckers", a 1970s British from PBS I grew up with, and then "Kukla, Fran and Ollie" see what you have started?


Youtube is the devil.

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