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December 24, 2008


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I'll tell you what kittens can do. They can get under the covers with you. Cows can't do that. I mean, well, husbands SAY they can't. But maybe if we did some creative problem solving I could think of a way to snuggle up in the covers with my cow...ahem, what? I could. Cows can...well, maybe... well. I love my cow. Are we talking about cows?

Its been a long time since we've seen a picture of Ms. D. I must say, GOOD GRIEF, the children are growing like weeds!


Why KATHERINE! Did you think I was talking about YOU and YOUR cow? Really???


You know what? I think cows DO want to snuggle, that's why their eyes are so soulful....


Just so you know, I too have a cat named Jeeves. I guess it's a small world for cat names. My Jeeves is a very scruffy black cat, and a girl.

I actually have two cats, the other one is Porter.

I love them both, but I swear they are out to get me.

I am also missing a $100 bill I am sure I had stashed away.

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