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May 21, 2008


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Heather Young

That is so very, very awesome. We don't have an unschool group around here, in fact there a LOT of very strict home schoolers around here with whom we don't really fit in,especially since I am way too opinionated for my own good and try very hard to keep my mouth shut but often fail and say the very wrong thing to the very wrong person to say it to, which is the very reason we have NOT joined a group.


This is SO very, VERY cool. I wish that you all lived nearby. I rarely know more than one other homeschooler at any given time and I don't have one single friend that I hang with, much less a homeschooling/unschooling one.

This inspires me to find some peers. ;)


I just might have to move there. Totally green with jealousy here. We only have one local hs group and it just isn't a fit for me. I love your interview and that they were cool with you blogging it.


Wow, what a great group! I have a very small group I've just become connected with. I wonder if they'd let me do interviews like that with them... I wonder if you'd let me brazenly steal your idea.

I do so love your blog! You ought not to mock those who live for it. I do. Well... I live for my morning coffee and blog-reading ritual. Your blog is a delightful part of that.


I seriously live in the wrong part of the country. I read blogs and realize this

I try and try and still my children don't know one single homeschooler (and I won't venture into the pathetic land of the mom lack of friends). Last week we tried a playgroup for a local US group we joined four months ago...and when my 5 year old tried to go up and introduce himself and play with the kids in the group (and he was so sweetly trying to say hi - I watched him the whole time), one boy turned around and SCREAMED, less than 2 inches away, into my sons face "GET AWAY FROM ME AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" and he and his friends spent the rest of the time playing mean games just to avoid or mess with my son. I actually cried.

That is so awesome. Gotta leave the midwest! :)


Wow. You're all invited to the homeschool group! C'mon over to the east coast, ladies!

I knew I was fortunate to find this group, and now I feel even more fortunate when I hear the tales of whoa out there. You know, I didn't really find them as much as they found me...In a weird sort of way. Kinda Zen. I quit looking. I found them.


I wanna join too!

I've heard that there are other homeschoolers here, but I've never laid eyes on them, let alone talked to them. It seems to be a covert operation of some sort.


How'd you find so many unschoolers in one spot? NO FAIR!!


Good words.

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