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March 20, 2008


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Very funny post. I think it's sort of obvious that Johnny's still carrying a torch for you, but isn't quite brave enough to follow you to the east... :P


Love Chocolat! And chocolate! Now I just lost my whole train of thought.

The Old Gray Mare is a Depp fan.


So YOU are the secret Johnny has been keeping from me all this time...


Oh, a local mama from a group I'm in has been taking shots on set all week in Columbus. Drool here:

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

Howdy fellow Wisconsite! (Displaced though you might be.)
Thanks for visiting me & my Thursday 13!

We enjoyed many a-shot of dear Johnny on our local news over the past few weeks. And rumor has it they'll be filming in DOWNTOWN MILWAUKEE about two blocks from my office building next month. Uh, stalk much? Didn't have a reason to until now! (Bummer is I couldn't even go audition to be an extra, I'm too tall!)

your brother

I am just writing to say that yes, we did see him in person. Later I thought of shouting to him that he was robbed at the oscars. Although maybe too soon for that comment. I didn't want him to fly into a rage. He was just voted the best celebrity as far as fan relationships go. He went down a huge line and shook everybodys hands. It took at least half an hour. I give him credit for that. After seeing him in person, I have finally come to the conclusion that I am better looking than him after all. Anna will fill you in on the details.


So were you Johnny together before I broke up with him or after?


I think, Rechelle, it was, like, around the same time. I just want to know which one of us has his love child. In seriousness, which is really almost impossible for me, I have to say I knew of your obsession with JD,(that's what I called him back when we were together)but now that I am looking back on your site and reviewing I feel I inadvertently almost totally plagerized one of your posts. In honesty, it seems I better get my own celeb to stalk...but HE was in my home town so that DOES put me a few degrees nearer to him than you are...there is that. But you can claim the love child part if you's a little known fact that I am completely OBSESSED with a particular local celebrity but I haven't come out of the closet yet, it's a bit too close to home. When I am more comfortable and have had some therapy I will be revealing all.

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