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March 26, 2008


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And what a cute 80s couple you'd have made! Does your Mister look anything like Johnny?

Danielle Says Hello

Oh I am so with you on this....giggles and wine!! long as it leads to Johnny ;)



Johnny.....oh how I love him still!


Well,thislittlepiggy, let me tell you about my Mister. NO! He looks nothin' like Johnny whatsoever. When I met David he mostly had a youthful Bob Dylan meets youthful Art Garfunkel thing going. Stay tuned in upcoming posts for the exclusive on THAT!


I think Johnny would've totally been into you in the 80's.

I wish I had it in me to homeschool, more so then the lil "typing" class that we have. but....... I have to tell you this.
If it weren't for public school, you wouldn't have met MOI..(not sure if that is how you spell that) Did we not have a blast in high school? aww, I miss the 80's. Everyone reading Maria was totally cool in the 80's. Hey I think she is totally cool now, even though she moved so far away from where Johnny Depp blessed us last week.!!


Judi makes a good point, I wouldn't have met her and many other people, if I hadn't attended high school. Let's just say I would've liked to have met the same group under different circumstances. I have mostly very positive memories of school and high school...but the negative ones were enough to make me want to homeschool..well, that and about 400 other reasons. And Judi is lying thru her teeth when she says I was cool. Good grief, I remember being awkward and picked on...this is a great subject because alot of it is perception, isn't it? NOW the 80's seem so cool...but as Johnny Depp said in an interview he doesn't really remember puberty most of it was spent playing guitar in his room. I think the tendency is to remember puberty a bit different than it really was!


Wow, I haven't seen an old photo of him in a long time. I used to have a poster of him in my bedroom as a teen. Cool to finally see him 20 (yikes!) years later :-)


Who could NOT be into you with that (orb of) hair?!? Holy 80's grrl, you had it BAD.

Ok, so I did too.

I've had a chronic urge to 'go big' on my hair ever since. It's like the niggle never dies, kinda like even a casual smoker never completely loses the yen for a good smoke now and then.

Not that I'd know anything about that.

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