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March 13, 2008


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Wow, good story, and great connections that are getting made. I'm really glad you're finding out what you need to know, and I agree that a lot of kids with these kinds of issues don't get help, or the right kind of help. Most parents don't know what's happening, I think.

If you haven't looked into it already, you might check out BrainGym. It's a way of integrating the right and left sides of the brain with simple exercises. I used to do it with my class, and it seemed to help all the kids focus better, but it seems like it could be really helpful for Ms. D.

GOOD LUCK! And good job getting all the answers you've already gotten.


Life is a 'what if', isn't it? Thousands if not millions of possibilities for every action, every reaction. Don't second guess yourself. You DID look around, you DID think about it, you DID bring those things together and found out the issue, and you ARE working to help her. Kudos to you, mama. And good for her. :) She's lucky she has such a great mom on her side.


My sister had some of the left/right brain issues. I remember my dad making her crawl everyday. (She was 6 at the time and hated it.) She did have major problems for awhile and couldn't ever kick a ball as a little one. It was like she couldn't figure out which foot to use. She's fine now. :)

What ifs. They are not fun. I think we all have our doses of them. You are doing a good job with your girl.


So my comment did go through even though the server kept serving me up a blank page with errors saying too busy, dropped connection, try again later, not working whenever I clicked 'post'. AUGH! That is good though! ;)

Auntie J

Wow. I am very happy for you all. Just took a quick look and don't have a lot of time as usual, but I am very happy for YOU. May call you soon. How is pioing going? Later


Hmmm. What is going on with typepad that I have to constantly type in my info...and that Denise was having problems too...meanwhile, thanks to all for their encouragment on this post and a thanks to Auntie J, first time family commenter! I feel ever so validated!!!

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