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March 12, 2008


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Nice painting. Great color and light!


What an incredible gift. Very lovely. Re: the Tennyson poem. Not a clue, but a very soothing read. Thanks for sharing.


Maria! Whoa, what a treasure. I love the details in the rock. I ADORE the mermaid's soft naturally nautically round lovely perfect and beautiful body. What a beauty, the painting (and the muse.)

Susan in va

Hello, fellow troll! I've been perusing your site for the past 15 minutes or so...

Very nice mermaid portrait of Ms. D! My Funny Girl would love to have herself transformed into a mermaid - after all, the Little "Worm"aid (her pronunciation) is one of her favorites :D

How did you discover my site? I was surprised the other week when one of my readers didn't know that I homeschooled - I guess I didn't realize that I hadn't mentioned it very often. It's really the main reason that I have so many funny quotes from my kids - I'm with them ALL.THE.TIME! Not a single word is uttered without the presence of my ears :D

Thanks for stopping by!

Susan in va

I'm back! (Sheesh-I'm starting to feel like a stalker!) I figured out how you found me - you know my BFF Heather from the WTM Message Boards.

Just between you and me, she really IS a 60 year old man sitting around in her underwear.


Wow, how amazing to be able to have such a portrait! Ms. D is indeed- adorable.


What a beautiful friend, piece of art and daughter. That is a good email day. :)

What medium did your friend use?


Nona uses oils, mommylion!


Ahhh, oil paint. I am both jealous and in awe.

Nona Hyytinen

My Art Blog, "Mostly Art and Some Literature"....roll the drums....can be viewed from this web site: I have just begun it and it is only four posts long, but I'm just getting the hang of this blogging thing. It will get more interesting....That's a promise. I don't know that I can ever get as interesting as Maria though.

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