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February 08, 2008


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OMG, I think you just did my weekly report FOR me. Sigh, some weeks are just like that aren't they? I hope next week is better. I loved hearing it though and it gave me a chuckle simple because you were so refreshingly honest. :-)

Karen in CO

Thanks for the grammar review. I wonder why there are so many of us on a personal quest for grammar right now.

Oh an for the coat - my advice is to let her go out without it. They change their minds really quickly when its freezing outside. I try not to get into battles over things that will sort themselves out.

I hope you thaw out soon - this winter has me ready to move back to FL and we haven't had nearly that much snow.


Perhaps there is a strong need for a really good grammar curriculum. On the other hand, do we overthink grammar in the first place?? Maybe.
Glad the review helped somewhat. The sun is trying to shine today...only a month to go before daylight savings!!


You pretty much described our week here. But add some coughing in the background, and a husband who keeps looking up 'sinus infection' on the internet like it is cancer or something. Nothing creative here this week, just survival :) I think part of winter is about slowing down once in awhile.

As for sensitive kids in school, it hasn't worked for us. My stepson is in highschool and he is an awesome kid, but there is always something that is messing with him and it is like his head can never rest. I won't get into it here as I can rant for pages about it. But school can be pretty brutal for the sensitive ones.

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