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February 08, 2008


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Yay! Wahoo! How fun!!! I can almost here the notes drifting down from the icy north....BOM BOM BA BOM!



"I've read a lot of homeschooling/parenting books in the last few months and they almost all unanimously agree than children who watch their parents pursue a passion are more likely to pursue their own passions. To see the delight in doing so."

It took me awhile to stop feeling bad when I wanted to pursue my own stuff, verses doing something more with my kids, but I came to that exact conclusion. Now, my kids are not only supportive of me but tend to get into their own art more.

I feel like taking a project from beginning to completion is one of the most important lessons to learn as that seems to be the biggest obstacle for many creative pursuits. I know it was for me. By pursuing my passions they learn that process along with me.

I love your digital piano. We have a keyboard but couldn't swing even the weighted keys yet, but decided we weren't aiming for a concert pianist just a love of music. Are you teaching her yourself?


Hi Mommylion:

Yes, I'm teaching her myself at this point. When she surpasses me we'll either learn together or I'll ship her out.

Love hearing what you had to say on pursuing your own passions. It's hard not to feel selfish when doing so, isn't it?

Love your comments!

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