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January 10, 2008


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we've been here (just south of Milwaukee) for just over two years. All I want to understand is the "Hot Ham" on Sunday thing. What is up with that? is it all over the state or just this area? Lived in a lot of places and never had "hot ham"

I think every restaurant (including the pizza places) do the fish fry friday thing though :) the church across the street from us does "fish boils" Took us awhile to find out about those :)

We get dirty looks at the grocery store on Sundays cause we don't wear green and gold :)


Clearly you need to get your priorities in order. Maybe pick up a green and gold ensemble at the next garage sale (might be too pricey otherwise).

I can NOT help you with the Hot Ham thing. I have a cousin who may or may not be reading this blog or this post or this comment, but her husband is from Mill-WACK-ee and maybe he knows about it??

I feel I've missed out on something culturally important.


Ah. I wondered if the ham was a state wide thing or not. It's just regular sliced ham (like from the deli counter) Most places offer "6 free rolls" with one pound of ham. We live near a really seedy looking mom and pop mini mart place (the husband went in once and said he'd never go back and was afraid to buy sealed beer there) that has a huge sign out front "hot ham on sunday" just makes me giggle every time I see it :)

ps I'm Chipper on the denim jumper :)


Chipper! Of course!

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