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January 27, 2008


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I'm the first to comment on the Comment Challenge! WOOHOO! :)

I love comments too - it helps to know your ramblings aren't just ringing hollow through the universe. 'Course, maybe mine are, but hey, throw me a bone once in a while. :)


What if I said, "No comment"

ha ha ha, I crack myself up!

Love your blog and your crazy spinoffs.


I do enjoy your blog, though I've only commented once. It looks like you guys really enjoy life - and that is always fun to see!

Jackie in AR

OK, first of all, you've got to get away from those Harlequins. Those things will turn your brain to mush. Is that really what you want when you've got a few more years of education to get through with your dd?!? ;-)

Do you happen to have any interest in Afghanistan? Pakistan? The inner workings of the CIA or the U. S. Congress? If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, have I got a book for you. See the "Charlie Wilson's War" post on my blog. (You can get to it from my name above.)

If you answered "yes" only to the CIA question, you might be interested in Mrs. Pollifax! I have a post about her, too.

If you didn't answer "yes" to any of the above questions, I'll have to get back to you as soon as I have a little time to ponder.

Secondly, your blog is delightful! I'll be back. :-)

Stephanie S.

I don't expect to win any prizes, I am only commenting because apparently you like comments as much as I do, and you left a thoughtful one on Laura's blog - and I adore Laura!
I'm going to go read on your blog now....
(who wrote a really somber and serious -but liberating- post today on H-F, so today is not the day to check out her blog!)


Well, well, well, Laura, you DO get points for being first commenter.

Katherine, faithful reader, you crack me up too!

Welcome to tonia and jackie first time commenter's!

If things keep going this way you girls have a one in four chance of getting the prize!! (altho you do have some competition from kim/jason this month...)

See what a great thing this is?

Keep those comments coming!

Now where is my family?? Why aren't they commenting??


oh, stephanie, I posted and then got your comment...the odds are stacking...I DO love comments. Hopefully, we can keep you girls commenting on other posts. I love the input.

I'll check our your blog...and I get the heavy post stuff. I have one saved in "drafts" well, it's heavy for me anyway....

Nicole Marie

Hi - had to comment so as to make sure your years as an only child didn't scar you :)

Judi in WI

So I sit here in Wet, warm 37 degrees and soon to be negative 20's windchill Wi, getting ready to retrieve my critters who will start walking in the door in about 30 minutes. I had a few minutes here to check this crazy Wi weather we are having on the internet and I thought I'd pop in and see what Ms Maria had to say...... You make me laugh girl!! :)
Can't wait for you to return for your visit to hickville, we will need to get together and share a L.I. yummmmm


I'm going to comment. Would you rather live in Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon? :D


Oh, junebug...don't you know there IS no other Portland. They are one and the same. THere is a huge time warp physical displacement theory and they are the same city, same people in different areas and different times. Wierd huh.

Okay, I made that up. It's late. I've never been to the "other" Portland. What's it got that mine don't??

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