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March 03, 2008


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Has Larry called yet?

I don't think I want to know what someone was searching for when they came across me! LOL.


I got this wierd phone call this morning that said "UNAVAILABLE" on my Caller I.D. I think it was L.K. (as I've come to call him) but I couldn't answer as I was up to my ears in laundry, (see latest post), making breakfast and homeschooling. Shoot.


It is crazy how that stuff works, isn't it? And maybe people need to read about jumpsuits and eyeballs instead of trying to mainline the culture of obsessing over horrific events to find out what real people do, relax, and just be. ;)

I post about local stuff (weather, farms, etc.) some times and ALWAYS get into the main blog headline feeds for a big local site...and always wonder what those people think who click in! Funny!

Urban Mom

Oh my gosh, how weird! Isn't it odd how things link up sometimes? Also, honored to be mentioned in the blurker rollcall. =-) Finally, I'm doing laundry today. Which means that you'll cross my mind several times today as I ponder, "she wants to do WHAT with this stuff?" Happy Day to you!


Wow, how bizarre. And I got weirded out by people coming to my blog for my knitting prowess (not), through the mysterious way the internet links stuff. Are you getting many hits from crime junkies?

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