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March 02, 2008


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I'm here I'm here I'm here! Just late to the party as usual. Been pacing myself on the whole online-time thing - something tells me homeschooling should not equal "mom glued to computer!"


Hi Maria. Thanks for visiting, and no, I will not go into a rage about how you unschool/homeschool. :)
Glad to find you too. I look forward to visiting again soon.


Actually, I'm not from a large family and I do live near my parents. And they do leave me comments, or else they phone me to talk about my blog post :) Cousins, on the other hand, who swear they read it every day...

ok, maybe I do have some issues.


Hurray for the blurker round up! Um... Do I now have a big brand on my rump?

Checking out the other blurkers!


I missed the call for blurkers -- did I spell that right?

I'm a newish blurker, but I love your sense of humor and I have a 9 yr old, late to read, daughter. I'm a classic unschooler wannabe. And I would totally go for the Elvis Jungle Room theme..........

I am amazed by all bloggers who make the time for sharing and giving so much to all us blurkers.

I think I'm becoming a regular and I'll try to give back and comment more.


More people out of the woodwork! Mariah: You too can have a Jungle Room. Please send 12 easy installments of $99.99 and I will give you a hand with that. And we have daughters in the same reading boat, so I included a discount.

Funnyfarm, this is a family blog. We say "buttocks". But I like that you stuck with a farm theme.

Oh, yeah, Cousins. I get that Kristiana. I have about 1 million of them back home. I have rec'd TWO lovely personal emails from these cousins, but the rest are silent. They know who they are. Glad you have family feedback.That's worth a lot.*sniff*

Christa! Hello and thank you for not raging at my middle of the line unschooling.

And Laura...ah, about that glued to the computer thing. Right. I have to remember that....


Oh Gawd. I HOPE my family doesn't read my blog, or comment. My husband peeks here and there. But family??? eek.

I seem to get about a 4-6% comment rate per day compared to visits average. I hear about people through the grapevine that supposedly read daily, but I've never seen a always wondering who is out there too! :)


I didn't comment because I assumed that since I have commented in the past I don't count as a blurker.

As for why people don't comment - I believe that those who don't comment often don't have blogs and therefore don't understand the function of the comments. The comments are where a little community-building goes on. The comments are also like blog money, some kind of recompense for the work you've done.


You quoted me! ME! :) How exciting!
ACK! I misspelled "you are" as "your" -- how embarrassing.
Oh, and btw, I am still following your (proper use of the word) the company in question hasn't contacted me as of yet. I'll have to go to the store for more chocolate, at this rate!


Does that mean using "hiney" is totally out of the question?

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