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February 19, 2008


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Urban Mom

Oooooo, lucky you! It was 4-degrees this morning. *groan* We might improve this weekend though. We would have too, right? We can't get worse, can we? (knock on wood, BAM BAM)


oh, it's cold and snowy and windy here. i am so ready for spring!


Wow. We are still pretty homebound after the ice storm Sunday - roads are B-aaaa-hhhhh-d. Wind chill advisories tonight, and tomorrow night low of -14 with windchills expected in the -35 -45 below range.

I WANT 40s!!!!! Blow some my way! :)


OH, the 40's have left perhaps they are on their way to you Denise. I shouldn't complain at all about our winter, when you've gotten clobbered.


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