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February 28, 2008


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Urban Mom

You have read my mind! I have someone who popped in from India. India??!!! Who is THAT? (and why haven't they returned? ha ha) Hope all is well in Maine!


I totally get this. I think you are my only non-blurker actually. So I feel your pain. It isn't just the people that don't comment that mess with my mind though. It is when people find me via google. I have no clue how I show up on google for some of the phrases that come up

Last week people kept visiting my blog via googling 'knit aprons'. I actually do have a knit apron on my blog but I have only knitted about 7 things in my whole life. It was embarrassing to have so little to offer my knitting public. :)

And why is it that relatives so rarely leave comments? Mine are bad like that too.


Thanks Maria,

I appreciate your designer ideas on my blog. That is exactly what I was looking for! Your blog is a riot! I am glad I have touched base with you and while I love to comment vs. lurk...I am sure you will see me here often! I appreciate it!


Well you ARE entertaining, so maybe that's why. :)

I feel your pain. On a daily basis, approximately one percent of my traffic comments. And I wonder about the other 99. WHAT are they thinking? Are they just there to watch the train wreck, LOL. You can't ever bring them out, though, so don't kill yourself. Unless maybe you talk about paint, that seems to bring people out..... (Weird. See? You never know.)

Ruth in NC

Uhh, I'm a homeschooling mom of mostly teens and what else am I supposed to do between 7am when DH goes to work and 11am when the troops awaken? Clean house? I think not. Watch TV? Who do you think I am? And I really don't like bonbons. But now I have a new name for myself-blurker.


Guilty as charged. I am your Belgian "blurker." I'm actually an American living over here, so maybe that takes away a few of the cool points. My husband is from Ashland, WI. But I could throw in a few French phrases here and there to make myself more interesting.

How did I find my way here? I *think* it was because of your geography post, as I was looking for someone using the NG Map Essentials books with their kids. I stay because I like your writing, and I like the "kitsch" in your sidebars, if I can call it that. Also the seemingly paradoxical combination of classical ed and unschooling.

We are homeschoolers in the making. My oldest just turned four, so we're still in the early planning stages. I do actually have a blog of my own, but it's kind of "generic family blog" right now. I have difficulty getting the grandparents to comment.

Now that I know I've been spotted I'll try to comment on occasion!


I guess you just never know what lurks in the hearts and minds of the ordinary blurker!

I enjoy your blog because it makes me smile, you homeschool, and you too are having to deal with this never ending frozen wasteland of a winter!!

Paige(WTM boards)

This post was hilarious! You couldn't have read my thoughts better. These things keep me up at night. Who are these blukers, too bad, I'm one of them too!


I wandered in here from Freakmom's just this morning. I'm an insomniac, homeschoolmom. Nice to meet you!


I came to say thanks for the advice of "Deep breath. Nature walk. Chocolate." I think that will be my new mantra. In fact, I could start a whole blog devoted to those three gems!
Your blog makes me laugh...even if I don't always know what your exactly trying to say! I haven't looked into ways of watching my statistics. I'm afraid I might find it more fun then homeschooling!


Well, since you're dying to know, I come here from the WTM board and I think you're a fun read. I know what you mean about stats though, I get comments from a few friends, rarely from family members, and I wonder just what everyone else is doing at my site!


We get lots of visitors from around the world and are always pleased to see comments from visitors. But we always see the comments as a bonus - like a little surprise letter from someone you haven't met.
So this is a comment from Australia responding to your comment on Bruggie Tales!


I'm not from anywhere exciting. Boring old Illinois. But saying hello anyway.

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